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Welcome to is a meta-search engine that simultaneously searches multiple bookselling websites on the internet. On the right-hand side you can see an overview of the book databases that are searched. You can optionally exclude websites from the search by disabling the corresponding checkbox. Simply enter your search criteria in the form above and click the search! button. While the search results are being retrieved, you can see the results appear on the overview page. When all the results are retrieved, they are presented in a single table on the list page. Here you can sort the results by any field by clicking on a column header. If (partial) contents of a book in the search results is available at Google Book Search, then direct links to its contents will be shown. You can view a collection of items with images on the gallery page.
The results are entirely stored in your browser, so when you are sorting the results the browser does not need to contact the server. This allows you to analyze the results faster than with traditional meta-search engines.
We aim to make this website user-friendly and fun to use. We hope you will enjoy the functionality on the website and that you find the books you are looking for. Please feel free to contact us to let us know your questions, suggestions and opinions.


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